Batteries manufacturing, Bottling plants, Bricks and tiles, Candy, Cosmetics, Dairy products, Electrical transformers, Cables & Coils, Films, Filters, Fish processing, Meat & Poultry, Canning and packaging, Glass manufacturing, Marine, Investment and die casting, Soap & Detergents, Oils & vegetables, Petroleum products, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Plating, Printing, Pulp & Paper, Rubber products, Sugar refining, Textiles, Tobacco, Thermal Power plants, Tires and tubes, Transportation industries, Water / Sewage treatment, Electrical Wires and cables, Wood seasoning, Furniture & furnishers, Hospitals and medical care, Ghee,  Fruit juices and Beverages, Air-conditioning, TV / Plasma screens, Electronic display panels, Computers and mobile-phone manufacturing, Solar cells and panels, Gem stone & marble, jewellery casting, Surgical equipment manufacturing, Sports equipment manufacturing, Agriculture, Wigs manufacturing, Stent manufacturing, Shoe manufacturing, Dentistry, Ceramics, Labelling,  Decorative coatings, Metalizing, Plasma sterilization, Freeze drying, Vacuum dryers, Electron beam welding, Marbles and gem stones, Automotive industries, Fans and solar water heaters manufacturing, LED manufacturing, Plastic moulding, vacuum cleaners are some of our possible client industries.

In addition to above, we also provide our specialised services to research, scientific, academic technical, industrial institutions and universities in the following areas:
Basic sciences, Physical sciences, Engineering, Bio-Interfaces, Plasma science and technology, Nano-meter structures, High energy Physics, Lasers, Surface sciences, Material sciences, Semi- conductors, Thin films, Magnetic materials. Pressure sensors, Coatings, Electronic materials and processing, Fibre & Optics, Chemical sciences and engineering, Digital-Electronics, Renewable energy, Power, Computers and computer based systems, Analysers and Microscopes. Gas Flowmeters, Space and environmental science and engineering, machinery and equipment, etc.