Our Services

Our specialities and services in the following areas:

  • Industrial plants design
  • Plant evaluation
  • Plant renovation
  • Plant modification and up gradation
  • Plant standardization
  • Plant leak testing and leak repair services
  • Vacuum gauge calibration services
  • Equipment repair & maintenance services
  • Consultancy services
  • Material testing services

Special Services:

  • Cleaning/purification of used vacuum pump oil.
  • Analysis of vacuum pump oil and fluids.
  • Temporary leak sealants.
  • Degassing of transformer, x-ray machine oils.


Presence of Leaks in any Laboratory or Industrial System, Spoils the products, Increases the Evacuation Time and Subsequently Increases the Electric Bill to avoid these losses. IVC offers modern leak testing and leak rectifying services.

 IVC sales / supplies following vacuum technology equipment

All types of vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges, vacuum valves, vacuum pump oils, greases temporary leak sealants O’ rings, clamps, cross, elbows, tees, reducers, bellows, rubber hoses, vacuum chambers, electrical feed through and optical feed through, view ports, glass components, seals, bellows and flexibles’, motion and manipulation clamps, gaskets, seals, couplings, etc.

Repair and maintenance services in the following areas:

Vacuum Pumps: Liquid ring, rotary, roots, turbo-molecular, ion, diffusion, ejector, etc.

Gauges: Bourdon, capacitance, thermocouple, Pirani, hot & cold cathode, etc.

Vacuum Valves: Bellow-sealed, gate, globe, magnetic, motorized, electro-pneumatic, etc.

Vacuum Traps: Ice, liquid nitrogen, oil mist filters, baffles, etc.

Vacuum Control and Displays: All types

Leak Detection Techniques: Vacuum and pressure leak detection, etc.

Mass-spectrometers: Monopole and Quadrupole

Leak Detectors: Halogen and helium leak detectors, etc.

Vacuum switches: All ranges and types.

Vacuum Furnaces and Metallizing unites